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The Building Blocks of Photography : Coming in Winter 2019

You have the equipment. You have the desire. All you need is the knowledge to release your creative potential so that you can make the move from 'taking pictures' to 'making photographs'. The first step to capturing memorable images is exactly that: 'The Capture'; that is the moment when you press the shutter release and capture that moment in time.

As a classically trained landscape photographer that has been capturing images for over 30 years, I believe that becoming a great photographer starts with putting the effort into your photographs before you take the shot - not afterward in a darkroom or on a computer. Therefore, to achieve great results, one must understand the fundamental basics of photography:

- the content and subject arrangement in the frame

- different kinds of light and how it falls on and/or becomes the subject

Aperture & Shutter Speed
- the controls that put your creative stamp on how you want your image to 'look'

- Balancing Light

These components, essential in every image, are The Building Blocks.

I have developed a 5-part classroom curriculum that focuses on these essentials rather than bombard you with an overload of technical mumbo jumbo and 'tips' that are soon forgotten, often before the class or workshop is over. Instead, over five classes, each session will concentrate on one key component and it will be thoroughly addressed through visual examples and in an engaging, easy-to-understand and interactive way.

At the conclusion of that class, participants will be given homework to produce images that concentrate on what they learned in that session. The next class will begin with a critique of those images to see the application of what was learned and to offer suggestions for further improvement. That critique will be followed by learning the next building block, homework, and so on.

Each time homework is assigned, participants will need to produce images that not only concentrate on what was learned in the last session, but also build on what was learned in prior classes, so that each student will begin to think of applying each building block technique into creating their images.

Each week students will see a clear progression in the quality of their images and most importantly, their understanding of exactly what they are doing. Not 'remembering', but understanding and applying.

It is important to note that this is not a class to teach you post production on the computer - in other words, this is a Photoshop-free zone. The goal here is to help you spend more time crafting your images before you capture them. Not 'fix' them later.

Here is what has been said of Timm's 'Building Blocks of Photography' class

“ The biggest change that will occur after attending a workshop or class of Timm's is you will completely change your thought process and approach, you are given the foundation for moving from taking pictures to creating photographs. ”

" I really felt like I was being taught by a professional. His knowledge and skill in keeping his audience engaged was great. Best course I have taken in a long time."

" I have taken a few classes (elsewhere) before yours. To have it broke into "Building Blocks" made it easier to follow and understand. There was a good flow. "


Who is this course for?

This course is for new photographers and amateurs who desire to have a much better understanding of their equipment, its settings and the techniques for crafting better photographs. Participants will need to have either a Digital SLR or a Film SLR camera (an SLR is the type of camera where you can remove the lens)

When will the course run?

The Building Blocks of Photography will be held 5 subsequent weekday nights beginning likely in January 2019. Schedule will likely be confirmed in late October.

Where will the course take place?

The classes will likely take place in East Mesa, Arizona - schedule to be confirmed in late October

What will I need to bring to class?

Although shooting will be done as homework prior to each class, if you aren't that familiar with your gear, you should bring your camera, a lens, your instruction manual to the classes. For each class a print out of the day's class will be provided. Its good to bring a pen to add notes. Images to be critiqued will need to be emailed to the instructor prior to the class.

How do I secure my space?

In late October, once the schedule / location is confirmed, you will see the opportunity to BOOK and pay the course fee. Payments are processed through PayPal so you can pay with any credit card, bank transfer or using an existing PayPal balance.

What happens if I paid for the course but am unable to attend?

Please note the dates/times that the classes will be held before booking. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds in the event you miss one or more classes while enrolled in the course.

If you are unable to attend all of the classes and wish to cancel your booking entirely, the following conditions apply:

  • Amendment or cancellation received more than 30 days before the course start day = full refund
  • Amendment or cancellation received 14-29 days before the course start date = 50% refund
  • Amendment or cancellation received 13 days or less before the course start date = no refund
  • If we are able to fully book the course again with another participant after you have cancelled we will provide you with a full refund.
  • If Timm Chapman Photography has to cancel or reschedule the course and you are unable to attend all the classes our liability will be limited to a full refund, or an offer of a place on a future offering of the course.

For more information contact us at

One on One Mentoring

Timm also offers one on one instruction to help get you to the next level in your photography. This mentorship is usually broken into a 3 hour session completely dedicated to your needs.

Whether you are a ground zero with a new camera and you need help with the controls of your new digital SLR, or you're bamboozled by all the techno jargon of photography and need a translator who can help you make sense of it all, one on one instruction can get you there faster.

Timm can also specialize in one particular area of photography that you'd like to improve your skills in; such as composition, understanding light, the creative use of aperture and shutter speed, understanding the exposure triangle and a wealth of other areas of photography.

As Timm is primarily a film based photographer where the magic happens in the camera whilst the shutter is open, he does not profess to be an expert in digital post processing techniques so his mentoring does not cover any 'software' related digital editing. His skill set is mainly focused in the work required in 'capturing' the light, not in editing. Timm's mentoring also does not extend to video work and/or drone photography

A three hour session with Timm costs $299 and is scheduled based on availability. The season for mentoring runs from November to February. If you are interested in booking a session, please drop us an email and let us know what you'd like to cover during your session


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