Abandoned Things
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I have always been intrigued by urban decay; most notably with the speed of Mother Nature as she moves in once we have departed. There is an eerie beauty in the natural process of reclamation

Be sure to check my Gallery on the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone as well, since all of those images there are of Abandoned Things

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57 Channels & Nothing On

Arpeggio of the Dust Bunnies

The Piano

Sunrise on Kolmanskuppe

Morning Mass

Midnight Mass
The Locker

Burning through Cash

Cutting Room Floor

The Stairwell

The Way Out

Sour Notes

The Way Up
The Rest Room

The Gymnasium

Not Amused

Leave a Light On

The Landing

Off the Grid

On Edge

Have a Seat

The Hot Seat II
The Hot Seat
The Old Farmhand
Electric Blue Cafe

Opus of the Dust Bunnies

Road Warriors

The Old Farmhands

The Weathered Past
Apocalyptic Aurora
Out to Pasture

The Textbook

Ghost Writer

Ghost House

The Forgotten Stairway
No Vacancy
No Entry

Road Warrior

The Red Chair

The Passage of Time

The Sands of Time
Rooms of Sand
Off Key

The Recital

The Fall of the Soviet Union

The Call of Nature

Sour Notes II
The Lobby
The Stairs
The Final Note

Skeleton Coast Shipwreck

Shipwreck Sunrise

Aurora over Gardbraut

The Chamber
Sizzle in the Sky
Rhyolite Bank

To The Brickyard

Decisions II
Aurora over Harunin
Passing the Time
The Wreckage

When One Door Opens...

Off its Hinges
The Soundboard
Keys & Hammers

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Barn Board
Meanwhile...back at the ranch
The Blue Hole
Open Door Policy
Passing Time
The Medical Ward

The Forgotten Coupe

Code Red
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