Corporate / Office Interiors

Corporate / Office Interiors

In addition to residential spaces, we specialize in providing artwork for the walls of your office environment. Since the resolution of the equipment that Timm uses is so high, his imagery is ideal for larger scale reproduction - pieces that command attention and become focal points for a space.

Timm's vast portfolio of images can help convey the message you want.

Perhaps it is imagery that is strikingly different, promoting 'out of the box' thinking and energizes your team - we can deliver.

The Grand Prismatic

Perhaps you are a doctor or lawyer and you're looking for artwork that helps lower anxiety - we can deliver.

The Alcove

Perhaps you are looking for a cohesive theme that harmonizes with your office's location - we can deliver

Red Rock Crossing

Perhaps your existing decor is rather monotone and you need a splash of colour - we can deliver

Forbidden Doors

Perhaps you wish to blend traditional imagery with a sleek contemporary finish - we can deliver

The Old Farmhands

Timm is available in the Phoenix area (and other locations by special arrangement) for on-site consultation to complete your interior design needs. He will discuss your needs and provide suggestions for pieces that meet your design and budgetary requirements as well as recommend sizes and finishes for the finished work.

We can provide 'virtual proofs' that allow you to see what an image will look like in a space before production so that you can fine tune the sizing, placement and how the piece will fit in with your colour palette; all from the convenience of your computer.

Once your artwork is completed, it is delivered straight to your office, ready for hanging. If you are located in the Valley of the Sun, we can even arrange to look after the installation of the finished work, making the entire process as seamless for you as possible.

For more information and/or to set up an on-site consultation, please give us a call at 602-821-3725 or email us at

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