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The 2018 show season kicked off for me at the beginning of March with two successful shows in Arizona and being awarded with 'Best in Photography' at the Tempe Festival of the Arts; a humbling event, especially given the exceptional talent on the show circuit.

This year's exhbition will draw mainly on my work from the last 4 years, which concentrates on what I call 'Unintended Consequences'; that is, images of our increasingly fragile earth being adversely affected either directly or indirectly by the hand of man.

The schedule of shows this year will take me across the country again with stops in California, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. I will be mixing the schedule with many new shows as well as markets that I haven't been back to in a while, including Austin, Texas and the Oklahoma City area. You can see my full line up of shows HERE

I hope to see you at one of the shows!

I have two photo treks lined up this year in order to capture some fresh new imagery. The first stop will have me returning to Greenland in the summer, but this time I will be exploring the opposite coast from where I was last summer. I will be shooting the massive ice of Ilulissat from a kayak and will be also photographing a special ship amongst the bergs. You'll need to stay tuned, but trust me when I say those images will be likely something you've never seen before.

The fall will also bring me to the North Eastern US during autumn colour peak; something I have sorely been unable to fit in the busy schedule this past number of years.

Next winter I will be venturing to China to photograph the Gobi Desert as well as a few other lesser known treasures of the immense country that is known so little by North Americans.

See you through the lens!,


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