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2018 was been a record year once again. In fact I broke my record in late September thanks to all my great customers: returning and new ones. Plus, my Corporate work has increased as well giving me an opportunity for even greater reach for my work in public spaces. This has come as very positive message as my images are definitely a deviation from the norm in landscape photography.

At Peace
'At Peace'

My eyes took me to a world of contrasts in 2018 starting with photographing in Vietnam and Cambodia and then most recently a trip north of the Polar Circle to photograph the icy world of Greenland then a return trip back to Iceland to capture images free of the ubiquitous tripod holes.

In Awe
''In Awe'

What is most rewarding is the reception you have given my fresh work. I have had my images of caves, icebergs and radioactive bumper cars warmly received and welcomed into many homes and businesses throughout the world and that makes me smile.

Family Portrait
'Family Portrait'

2018 will find me embroiled in new adventures armed with my camera trying to 'see' fresh new imagery of our spectacular world and capture that for you. I will be returning to Greenland in the summer, but this time I will be exploring the opposite coast from where I was this past summer.

The fall will also bring me deep into China to capture some of that immense country's beauty that many in North America may not be aware of. I am also planning to photograph the North Eastern US during autumn colour peak; something I have sorely been unable to fit in the busy schedule this past number of years.

I'll be hitting the fine art show circuit again beginning in March, which will take me across the United States and hopefully into the backyards of many of you. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up at one of those shows down the road.

In the Spotlight
'In the Spotlight'

Just in case you weren't aware, I have two Calendars for 2018 that will be available until the end of January! These ship directly from my printer which offers low international shipping costs.



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