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2017 has been a record year once again. In fact I broke my record in late September thanks to all my great customers: returning and new ones. Plus, my Corporate work has increased as well giving me an opportunity for even greater reach for my work in public spaces. This has come as very positive message as my images are definitely a deviation from the norm in landscape photography.

At Peace
'At Peace'

More and more people are taking pictures these days. The sharing of social media has revealed many locales that were once hidden gems, and exposed them to the masses. It's great that others are getting to see many of the places I've been and photographed, however I worry about the impact of this photo-tourism is having on many of these sites. The beautiful areas of Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in Arizona have changed dramatically from when I first visited there in the late 1990s. My award winning image 'Hope' was captured in Antelope Canyon in 2002, back when I simply paid $5 to a Navajo at the side of the highway for a day tribal pass, and then journeyed up the sandy wash to the Canyon in my 4x4 and shot all by myself. I used a 45 second exposure to capture the natural movement of the sun as it illuminated the suspended dust particles in the air. Today, Antelope Canyon is packed daily with dozens of people doing the tripod tango; jockeying to get a shot. Navajos now throw sand into the air and shutters are fired off in rapid fire; everyone trying to capture the magic light in the canyon. When the light arrives around noon, the traffic inside the canyon turns into a jam to rival LA rush hour. Horseshoe Bend is now getting so much traffic, that a paved pathway is in the works, along with barriers and guardrails along the iconic clifftop.

Many of the photographers today try to emulate iconic images that they have seen on the internet. Some actively search for the 'tripod holes'' in a location so that they can take what they hope is 'the exact same shot'. While copying is expected when one is learning the craft in 'how to see', it really doesn't push the photographer to truly see through their own eyes.

'Seeing' is finding compositions that offer a truly unique perspective. A focused, well crafted composition, attracts attention and most importantly, will usually hold that attention. This is one of the things I teach in my classes and workshops and sadly is missing in the vast number of camera wielding photogs out there these days. They may have a great portfolio of all the iconic shots, captured from the tried and true tripod holes etched into the rock, and photoshopped up the wazoo to make them look uncomfortably glorious, but these photographers are challenged when truly trying to 'see' fresh images.

In the Spotlight
'In the Spotlight'

My eyes took me to a world of contrasts this year starting with photographing in Vietnam and Cambodia and then most recently a trip north of the Polar Circle to photograph the icy world of Greenland then a return trip back to Iceland to capture images free of the ubiquitous tripod holes. What is most rewarding is the reception you have given my fresh work. I have had my images of caves, icebergs and radioactive bumper cars warmly received and welcomed into many homes and businesses throughout the world and that makes me smile.

Family Portrait
'Family Portrait'

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