Europe: Iceland

The relatively small Island country of Iceland (~40,000 sq mi) boasts a population of just over 320,000, making it the most sparsely populated country in Europe. However, what Iceland lacks in populace, it more than makes up for in its truly spectacular landscape

Volcanically and geologically active, the island features impossibly steep mountains and volcanoes rising straight out of the Sea and continuously hewn by ancient, relentless glaciers. The volcanoes have produced immense fields of jagged lava rock and mosses overtop a hotbed of geothermal activity which yield geysers and hot springs all while providing power to most of the Island.

Glaciers endless sculpting of the mountains and grinding of the plains provide for large, pulverized valley floors between the soaring snow covered peaks. Glacial melt produce countless spectacular waterfalls, unbelievable caves of ice and lagoons choked with icebergs

The Island's northerly location provides a spot ideal for chasing the Aurora Borealis (aka The Northern Lights) during the long nights of Winter.

I have visited Iceland numerous times in Winter and Summer, chasing the elusive Northern Lights, Snowy Scapes, Icy Caves and Gurgling Molten Volcanoes. Many of those images are featured in this gallery.