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Mar 19, 2019: Imagery from the mystical Far East

Imagery from the mystical Far East

Hi folks!

I spent most of February behind the Great Firewall of China seeking out amazing landscapes in which to photograph and share with you. Although China is the most populous country on the planet, it gets very few visitors from the Western world, especially out in the rural countryside, so I endeavoured to capture some imagery the type you may have never before seen.

I first visited in 2005, however that was to Beijing, the administrative capital of the country. This time I would venture deep into the West, stopping in the frosty wonderland of Zhangjiajie and the mystical mountains in the clouds of Huangshan, then off to the painted mountains of the Danxia landform and finally into the remote Gobi Desert to take intimate portraits of the sensual sand. I am quite proud of the results from the trip and I have been busy working on adding some of these curated images to my NEW IMAGES gallery; eager to hear your feedback.

For those of you that followed along with me on Facebook during the trip, you'll know it was quite the adventure with baggage delays, emergency repairs to my hiking boot and a tooth, plus a tangle of logisitcs, oodles of noodles and a phantasmagoria of fog. The posts are all still accessible on my facebook account, so if you missed any, check in!

If you find anything that speaks to you in my online gallery from my latest China trip, all fine art canvas and dye-infused aluminum orders from the NEW IMAGES gallery are 20% off until the end of April - Simply use the code FAREAST20 at checkout. The sale applies to online orders only!

Feb 6, 2019: New Category, Podcast Interview & Off to China!

New Category, Podcast Interview & Off to China!

The New Year is off to a busy start!   

First up, I have added a new category of images entitled 'Concert Photography' which groups a number of concerts I have photographed over the years. Many of these images are from my early days in photography (the mid to late 1980s), and all were shot on 35mm film. You may recognize one or two of the performers there!

Secondly, I was kindly asked by Mountaineering Photographer Matt Payne to sit down for a chat for his highly popular podcast series 'F Stop, Collaborate & Listen'. Matt features prominent landscape photographers from all over the globe for a chat on all things photography - if you haven't listened before, you will find his archive a veritable treasure trove of insight and inspiration. You can find a link to my podcast by clicking HERE

February will find me off to China in pursuit of more spectacular sights to capture with my camera and bring back here to share with all of you... I will be capturing mountains seemingly floating in the clouds as well as undulating sculptural dunes in the midst of winter. Plus - an always adventurous trip into real Chinese cuisine!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook for daily posts (when I am able to break through the Great Firewall of China)

All the best,