News from Timm Chapman

The launch of the new site!

As you can see, my site has a whole new look and was completely rebuilt from the ground up. For those of you familiar with my old site, you will notice quite a few great new additions on this site that are major improvements such as:

  • All images are higher in resolution - this way you can see much more of the details in my imagery, which in turn make the images themselves more immersive, just like they will be in your finished artwork.
  • Navigation is much easier - now you can quickly navigate through all the images in a gallery in sequence with one click, or you can use the thumbnail navigation bar at the bottom of each image page. Plus, the galleries are sorted into a large variety of different categories; many with sub sets of galleries, These categories group images by their location as well as by their content. You can even select that a slideshow be run of a particular gallery so that you don't even have to click between images.
  • Panoramas - there is now a panorama gallery that holds a number of images that are ideal for 1:2 or 1:3 aspect ratios, for when you need a wide piece that isn't tall.
  • Search is more intuitive - At the bottom of each page you will find a Search bar that will scan through the entire site searching for whatever you might be looking for. The results will be returned as thumbnails that you can easily click on to see the image.
  • More sizes and finishing options - Although I have always specialized in custom size work, that wasn't always apparent on the website as only a few preset sizes were shown. Now I have expanded that so that you can see a whole variety of different sizes and substrates along with their respective pricing. I will eventually be adding triptych options, so look for those. As always however, I can make a piece specific to your size; down to the inch, so please reach out with any special requests.
  • Shipping is now calculated in the Shopping Cart - Whether you are located in the US, Canada or any other country, once you decide on the piece you are interested in and add it to your shopping cart, as soon as your delivery address is entered, the cart will calculate your shipping cost for that specific piece to your specific destination. This takes the mystery out of shipping completely!
  • Sales are more easily managed - The new site is database driven and therefore is easier to manage sales and special offers. As such, there will be special sales forthcoming for Facebook Friends, Instagram Followers, Vero Pals and those who have signed up for my notification list on my Contact page.

I am eager to hear your feedback on all of the changes!  Also, if you happen to see anything that looks wrong or might be 'broken' please let me know. A complete rebuild is likely to have a few 'issues' so I'd appreciate any feedback.

Have fun exploring!