Customer Comments and Reviews

"I have received the delivery and the piece is awesome! Much more detail in person! " - Patrick, TX

"Every year I include a story or reflection in my Christmas card to family and friends.  This year I was struggling on what to write. I feel pressured to some extent because people tell me they look forward to my thoughts each year. Then I received your newletter. As I scanned the galleries my eyes settled on your picture entitled, “Go to the Light”. Ah, there it was, and the words just came to me. Thank you for sending that e-mail when you did. I bought a copy of the photo, but more than that I had the inspiration for this year’s message. I hope you have safe travels this coming year. - Pat, WI

"The print was just delivered - it got here before I left for my Thanksgiving holidays, so I was able to open the package and check it out. Looks perfect!  Thanks again for such beautiful work" - Ninette, CA

"We opened the box up to find all in excellent order and put it up!! It looks fantastic! Wow! Thanks again for bringing it by the house to make sure it’d be perfect! Can’t wait to see your new shots!" - Sharon & Keith, TX

"Just a quick note to thank you again for your time at Bradley Fair Autumn and Art and for allowing us to own one of your pieces. The Rocks arrived about 10 days ago, and I finally managed to get it hung in it’s new home over the weekend. Ann and I will enjoy this piece for years to come " - Scott & Ann, KS

"Today I got my handyman to come over and hang my Rocks picture. It looks fabulous and I am so happy to have it.

I’ll bet you don’t always know where your pieces go or how much joy they bring the purchaser. I just wanted to share!" - Connie, CO

"Thanks for making this so easy ... Good thing we spent the time when you were here figuring out where everything should go, so it was just the hanging we had to do yesterday.

Love, love, love it all. Your photos look great and the colors all work well just as we figured. Michelle and I enjoyed seeing them up and talked about them once they were all together.

Just so you know, with your work now hanging in the dining room, Michelle and I are both working now in the dining room or find ourselves wanting to have meals in the dining room to view your pieces. We both are really enjoying your work and wanted to thank you." - Tom & Michelle, CA

""The Piano" has been hung in a prominent space in my living room. As I mentioned, I'm a lifer in the piano bar biz and your photo has a LOT of meanings for me. " - Jeb, KS

"We love it and it ties the room together better" - Erin, CO

"Thank you so much for sharing this special backstory about ‘Hope’ with me! As we talked about when we met, this image spoke directly to me and the message was very clear and resonant, the idea of a light at the end of the tunnel when you are in a hard place in life or under a lot of pressure. I will always cherish this image, and have a special place for it already in my meditation room." - Liz, CO

"Our son loves it!" - John, NY

I really enjoyed your videos on Chernobyl. I enjoyed your calm, respectful narration and loved the history lesson that accompanied each photograph. I am proud to display your prints in my home " - Ben, CO

"My husband and daughter were totally amazed and mesmerized by your photos!!! We have a great place to hang them and will get them framed soon. They are both in awe of your work. So glad we met and now I have some amazing art for my husband’s office/piano room!!!" - Janine, CA

"...Your pictures are amazing. My niece introduced me to your work 2 years ago and every year we look for you at the Art Fair. One of the things I like best about your work is I have not seen anything like it. And you are engaging as well. Some of the other photographers just kind of look at us; you stopped and told us about your journey, which is amazing! Your art is worth the price!!! " - Tracy and Jillian, your loyal art fair fans, MI

"We are in love with the image and it fits nicely in my home office where my coworkers will be able to see it virtually. Thanks a million!" - Chris, National Gegraphic Society

"... It is just remarkable! We couldn't be happier with our choice‎, it is simply hypnotic. Thank You for this wonderful addition to our home" - John, OK

"Your photo art is incredible in it’s beauty. The difficult and meticulous work that you’ve clearly performed for each shot has certainly paid off with some breath-taking final products" - Dr. Ron, PA

"Your work is so fascinating! Your picture is hanging in my office which is the 1st room people see when they come into my home. Excited to show it off" - Sheri, UT

"Timm was very professional, came to our home to help us measure and decide an appropriate sized canvas for our living room. The canvas was delivered quickly and he even hung it for us. I highly recommend Timm"  - Sue, AZ

"We thought you might like to see your beautiful piece hanging in our family room! We think it really complements the room! You’re a great artist!"  - Debbie & John, PA

"My wife and I first saw your work at the Tempe Art Fair. As an amateur landscape photographer, I find your work to be unique and amazing. We enjoyed your story on how you captured Prismatic Springs, and regretted leaving the art fair without a print of your photo. We visited Prismatic Springs on the way from Arizona back home to Illinois. Truly an amazing place. We found you again at the Old Town Art Fair in Chicago, and bought a print there. I made a mahogany frame and made your shot of Prismatic Springs the focal point of my home office. Thanks for making such an awesome image!" - Ron, IL

"We were amazed at your narration of how long it took and how difficult it was to get the light just perfect ...This is a spectacular piece of art" - Lynda & Dave, AZ

"You are awesome. I recently purchased 2 of your works for my home in Mesa, Arizona. The Chernobyl youtube video was awesome." - Cathy, AK & AZ

"I purchased On Edge in Tempe. That photo in particular and your series on Chernobyl sparked a curiosity in me about the accident there and the Exclusion Zone now. It's taken me down a rabbit hole of learning about both; as well as refreshing an interest in Soviet history of that era in the general sense. So much so that in September I will be traveling to Kiev and the Exclusion Zone.  My writing to you is both to express my gratitude for both the photo which hangs in my dining room and the learning it has inspired."  - Chris, AZ

"Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. I thoroughly enjoyed the write-up on The Grand Prismatic - I plan to print it out for my son Reed as he was just so excited about the helicopter back story necessary to take the picture, and he will find this enthralling."  - Stephanie, AZ

"Enjoyed the new videos of the Gobi Desert…cannot imagine the sheer expanse, isolation of this eerily beautiful place. The new images are stunning! Of course much of the technical stuff was ‘lost’ on me:), but no matter….I really appreciated the the process. Happy trails wherever they may lead and as always I look forward to your next breathtaking art!"  - Melony, PA

"I am SO excited to have your phenomenal work in my place. I appreciate the effort you put in to capture your images, and how you share it with the world. Thank you for also sending along that backstory to the Chernobyl visit--the context really brings another element to the piece, and it will help me better share the piece with friends and family in the future."  - Lindsey, CA

"I will definitely be buying more pictures from you in the future. Your work is so unique"  - Paula, AZ

"Wow! Thank you for taking such a great picture and sharing the story behind it. Nature is truly amazing. So glad I found you"  - Rose, AZ

"Timm, thank you so very much for your artistry and gift you share. I greatly enjoyed meeting you in Phoenix and look forward to seeing you and your work again, in the future"  - Richard, AZ

"Thanks is truly magnificent. Our design person loves it too"  - Chris & Diane, MN

"Thank you again for that beautiful art that we bought from you. We will probably be calling you in the near future about the other piece of art work that we talked about. I believe we would order the same size as the last one"  - Ed & Nancy, AZ

"I Love It!!! Thank you so Much & Thank you again for getting it to me so quickly!!!"  - Debra, CA

"The photo got here in fine shape. It was packed to withstand any assault! It’ll be a few days till we get it hung, but it’s going to look fabulous!"  - Arne & Cynthia, CA

"It was a great pleasure to meet you this past weekend and see your work. Out of all the booths that were there that particular photo and most of your other photos in general caught my attention more than anything else I saw. I will be ordering a few more photos from your northern lights collection very soon from your website to compliment that photo. Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work you do!"  - Ryan, TX

"We will enjoy your brilliant photography and tale of Mother Nature with human interaction through our art pieces for years to come!'  - Andrew, CA

"I appreciate your attention to detail and quality control. I plan on keeping your work for a long time..."  - James, MI

"After huddling with our Marketing team, everyone agreed that your pieces are magnificent."  - Ken, CA

"I am greatly enjoying the addition . . . and have already received some great compliments on the work. Many thanks for your skill and efforts"  - Ron, AZ

"I received my image. It’s even better than I remembered. Truly a museum quality piece. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it for a long time."  - Jerry, MI

"Love Timm's art. I have one of his pieces in my 'writing den'. It inspires me every day."  - Janelle, BC

"Absolute magnificent pics and a professional work! Highly recommend!"  - Ralf, Germany