The World Trade Center reaches for the Heavens


New York City, NY

The World Trade Center reaches for the Heavens

Trinity - Panorama
Dragon's Eye - Panorama
The Ice Curtain
The Alcove - panorama
Play Misty For Me
North Canyon Rapid
Journey to the Basement Rocks
Gypsum Fire - panorama orientation
Rocks - panorama version
Bryce Canyon
Ice Phantom
Sunny Side Up
The Spirits Remain-Panorama
Panorama of the Palouse
Aspens - 3:1 aspect panorama
Beyond Belief
Painted in Pastels - Panorama version
Lost in Space
Autumn Splendour
Autumn at the Dallas Divide - Panorama
Ice Sculpture VI
Time Out - Panorama
Stewards of the Sonoran
Sonoran Reflection
Cobbles - panorama version
Shoulder to Shoulder - panorama
A Bristle of Energy
Tears of North Canyon
The Meek - panorama
Reflections on Tunupa
Frozen in Time
A Sign from Above - Panorama
Aspens - panorama
Random Precision
Silent Voyage - Panorama
Just Add Water
Ponderosa Panorama
Fire in the Sky - panorama version
What Lies Around the Bend?
Rano Raraku
The Prairie Pumper
A New Day Dawning
In the Spotlight
In the Shadows of Superstition
Rocks II - panorama version
White Space - panorama
Angkor Wat
Rocky Point - panorama version
Above the Clouds
Furrowed - panorama version
The Swirl - panorama version
Magic Mushrooms
Healing Hands
The Back Road
Superstition Snows
Sandscape III
Pre Dawn
Disko Bay
Hong Kong
Sentry of Superior
Shadows of Tongariki
Daybreak on the Silent City
Snowy Rorbu
Nightfall on Sakrisøya
The Eatery
Heart Lake & Algonquin Peak
The Chinese Buffet
Comanche Point
Saguaro Forest
Set the Controls for the heart of the sun
The Weathermaker
The Missing R
Ahu Tongariki
Fading Majesty
Haggard Drugs
The Moai of Anakena
Projected Abstract
Lava Flow
Midway Abstract
The Woodland
The Outsider
Catching Some Rays
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Archival Lustre Photographic Paper

The photographic papers we use are Kodak Endura and Fuji Crystal Archive substrates. Both of these papers are archival in nature. Your artwork will be shipped as a print only allowing you the flexibility to have it framed as you desire.  

Please note that the maximum paper print size we can produce is 60". If you need larger artwork and/or wish for a ready to hang piece, please consider the Fine Art Canvas or Dye Infused Aluminum options below 

Select a print size:

Fine Art Canvas - Wrapped

Fine Art Canvas - Wrapped

This process prints the image directly on to a tight weave, fine art brightwhite canvas to hold the detail of my high resolution images. Once printed, the surface is given a matte-UV laminant to help resist fading and for added protection. The canvas is then stretched over a reinforced wooden frame which helps prevent torsion. The finished piece has a painterly-look with the texture of the canvas surface showing through

Our fine art canvas pieces use a 1.5" thick bar. For extra large pieces with a dimension over 40 inches, we use our museum mount stretcher bar which is 2.5" thick. This provides a bolder appearance on the wall and is ideal for grand pieces

The artwork comes ready to hang with an anti-twist support system that is easy to install. 

If you are located outside of the USA, please contact us first for pieces larger than 40" on the shortest dimension, or larger than 60" on the longest dimension to see if shipping is available and for a quote on that freight cost.

Select a print size: