An aerial abstract photograph of Iceland's colourful Þjórsá  River

The Platinum Series - Þjórsá III

Þjórsá River, Iceland

While it may look like an impressionistic or abstract painting, this is actually a photograph. This image was captured of Iceland's Þjórsá river as it caries glacial silt and ash from the country's highlands all the way South until mixing with the Tungnaá river and finally exiting along the black sand expanse, into the ocean

The image is part of my Platinum Series; a collection of original photographs offered in editions of one. That means, the image is offered in one size and finish, and once purchased, the original transparency or digital file (whatever the source was), gets destroyed so that no future prints can be made. Photo © copyright by Timm Chapman.

The Platinum Series - Þjórsá  III
The Platinum Series - Reef I
The Platinum Series - Þjórsá I
A Jewel in the Pastel Surf
In Tow
Black Skies over the Black Beach
The Alcove
Dusk on the Coast
Smoke on the Water
The Black Sand Beach
White Wash
Pre Dawn
Rocks II
The Dividing Line
Winter Smoke
The Ragged Edge
Split Rock
Sea of Tranquility
Foggy Harbour
The Great Big Sea
High Tide
Ice Blue
Tobacco & Smoke
Sand Trap
Sunset at the Gardskaga Lighthouse
The Rock Group
Rocks - panorama version
Rocks II - panorama version
Cobbles - panorama version
Family Portrait
Angry Seas
Golden Hour on the South Coast
On the Edge of Dawn
Nightfall on Sakrisøya
Rocky Point
Sentry of Superior
Skull Rock
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Dye Infused - RAW (Matte) Aluminum

Dye Infused - RAW (Matte) Aluminum

The gold standard for high end gallery-worthy presentation is dye-infused aluminum. These images have unparalleled vibrance, detail, and luminescence forged by a unique process where the image is separated into dye pigments and 'baked' directly into a sheet of aluminum using intense heat and pressure. The result is a high definition type of appearance with colour saturation like no other. The ultra-hard surface is scratch-resistant, waterproof and can be cleaned easily with any commercial glass cleaner.

For the RAW (Matte) option, we use a 100% recycled, brilliant white surface to reproduce every detail and achieve the maximum wow factor all while at the same time being as green as possible. Unlike our highly polished option which can be highly reflective, the RAW finish offers a matte finish which is ideal for seeing the great detail and texture captured in my high resolution images all without the reflection.

To finish the piece, the aluminum sheet is then flush mounted to an aluminum frame (usually black, although we also use silver for certain images) and delivered display-ready with hanging hardware attached. The flush mount frame we feel is essential to safely mount, and support all edges of the Aluminum sheet. 

If you are located outside of the USA, please contact us first for pieces larger than 40" on the shortest dimension, or larger than 60" on the longest dimension to see if shipping is available and for a quote on that freight cost.

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