Watercolours is a bold, new portfolio of images for me. The photographs were captured over a series of flights in a quest to record the spectacular beauty of nature’s natural brush strokes painting the Icelandic riverways.

Iceland’s circulatory system is clearly visible from above. Glacial melt and snowpack combine with Arctic rains to breathe life and blood flow into the country’s many surface arteries. Along their journey to the sea, the water mixes with glacial silt, volcanic ash, sand, mud and minerals to produce a palette of colour as it washes over the landscape.

The resulting photographs look more like abstract painting, yet are very real – and studying each piece closer reveals signs of life, and a reminder of how unbelievably beautiful our fragile Earth is

I invite you to click on each image and study the fluidity and motion of these incredible natural scenes. You will find different finishing, sizing and pricing options below each piece. Please also note that since these are aerials, they can be hung in any orientation; either landscape or portrait orientation.